Testimonials and Reviews

    review rating 5  Thanks for taking care of daughter's car in a timely and professional way. Highly recommend this shop. The entire team is top notch!

    thumb David Lillback

    review rating 5  An excellent facility. Have been going here for years. The work is done right, fairly priced, and the staff are friendly. Also the shop is neat and clean which is indicative of the whole operation.

    thumb Gary Victor

    review rating 5  I was in the Hudson area visiting family recently when my car broke down. I called AAA and they suggested Auto Works. Thank you and your technicians for the great work and extra effort you put into my 2006 PT Cruiser. When I picked up the car last Friday, I had decided to drive back home to Port Huron, MI - nearly 800 miles from Woodbury. My trip was going so well, that I drove straight through. It took 12hrs of continuous driving and the car performed beautifully. Not only were there no issues, but the driver's side window had previous problems rolling up... that's no longer an issue. I'm assuming the reset of the car's computer solved that minor hiccup. Thanks so much for all your help. If I'm ever in the Hudson area and need a reliable auto shop (fingers crossed ?), you'll definitely be my first choice. ??

    thumb Amy Sternot

    review rating 5  Super awesome place! Always get my car in timely and for the best price. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Hannah Klohn

    review rating 5  These guys were of great help to me. They worked on my car in a record time because I needed to make an emergency trip right after. Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

    thumb Donna Arnold

    review rating 5  I always feel so welcomed and so comfortable going into AutoWorks! They mean business and aren’t going to give you the run around. I appreciate how straightforward they are and would recommend them to anyone!

    thumb Lauren Valencour

    review rating 5  I would definitely recommend Autoworks for anyone searching for car repairs. We have been going there for more than 15 years and have had great service. The waiting area is very clean and neat. And the staff is very friendly.

    thumb Sue Pape

    review rating 5  First time using Auto works. Had an oil change and got new tires. Great people, very good service and prices. Plus loved the massage chair in the waiting room!!

    thumb Chris Isaacs

    review rating 5  Service is great! Everyone at Autoworks is polite and helpful. I always feel confident and safe when I'm on the road. They have always done a good job. I don't service my vehicles anywhere else.

    thumb Jerry Corson

    review rating 5  I’ve been going to Autoworks for a few years now and they always do a thorough job. Any time I have needed work done they explain what they are doing for repairs. Even if it’s a simple oil change they will give your vehicle an inspection to check for common wear and tear items that might need to be addressed. I’ll continue to bring my vehicles there for their quality of service!

    thumb Logan Underdahl

    review rating 5  Super nice place! Always get my car serviced on time and for the best price. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Julia Austin

    review rating 5  Needed a battery, because I didn't heed their recommendation to replace it after my most recent oil change (my bad...). Of course, it began to fail. Got it started, drove to AutoWorks without an appointment, and they replaced the battery within a half hour, and I was able to resume my schedule. Kudos! And thanks!

    thumb John Rudeen

    review rating 5  The service and price at Auto works is great! I really appreciate how they respect that my kids are with me. As soon as I walk in the door they ask for my keys and get working. They have a nice area where I can let my kids play while I drink my coffee. Before I know it I can pay and my van is ready to go!

    thumb Kelsey McLaughlin

    review rating 5  They warned me that my power steering system was about to fail. We caught it before it totally failed, but it still needed a complete new rack & pinion. While doing that they got visibility to water pump, that had also started to leak (it's a 2008 Lexus with 130,000+ miles, these things happen) so we changed that as well. When you rebuild the power steering system, you need an alignment, and in the course of that we found that the rear toe adjustments were rusted up (did I mention it's a 2008 Lexus and we live in Minnesota?). They were able to heat up and break the corroded bolts and do the adjustment (whew, I appreciate the creativity $$$). Yes, it was an expensive two days in the shop, but AutoWorks caught and corrected other issues that would have cost me more later. I am still a very satisfied customer.

    thumb Jim Hooker

    review rating 5  This is a completely unsolicited review. I cannot say enough good things about Autoworks. They just called while we had the car in for tires to say they noticed by the sticker in the window that the car is way overdue for an oil change, and asked if we wanted them to do it while they have it. Couple weeks back, on another car, I had them fix a door latch. They test drove the car, even for a latch, and noticed that it was really noisy and thought a wheel bearing might be going bad. As soon as they said it, I knew they were right, because we had all commented on how loud "the tires" were getting. After the repair the car is so much quieter. I find their surveillance of other issues in our cars super helpful without ever being pushy. And to make it even better, they support the Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf, where I volunteer. Just an awesome local business all the way around.

    thumb Winnie Williams

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