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Wayne taught auto repair class at Dunwoody College of Technology – In class, students were treated to a brief lecture and discussion period on how making a concession to keep a customer happy will pay off two or threefold down the road. Wayne gave the students a quality checklist which was a super visual for helping the students understand auto repair quality and service in action in the real world. With the knowledge they gained, the students absorbed that they can push for and use ‘shop meetings’ as a way to improve customer care in their respective automotive repair environments. Students left with a complete understanding of what concessions they could offer and why going the extra mile for a customer promotes long term value for both the shop and the customer.

Why did Wayne get invited to teach the class? Auto Works Automotive Service Center in Woodbury, MN, our owner, Wayne Watson knows exactly why service, quality, and professionalism is important for any facet of the automotive repair industry. That’s why the service you receive at his shop is the highest caliber possible for any type of auto repair. At Auto Works, we pride ourselves on putting your automotive repair needs first and completing the job satisfactorily and we enjoy sharing that knowledge with our community.

This vision of Auto Works Automotive Service center aligns perfectly with the Dunwoody College of Technology (located at 818 Dunwoody Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55403). Our vision is: “To provide ‘for all time’ a place where people of diverse backgrounds receive learning opportunities that prepare them for ‘the better performance of life’s duties.’ — William H. Dunwoody, 1914



Auto Works Service Center, Woodbury, MN, Featured in “Ratchet & Wrench”!

Woodbury, MN (https://www.autoworksmn.com/) September 2012

Auto Works Service Center, and its owner/president, Wayne Watson, is a featured guest in the July 2012 publication of “Rachet & Wrench,” the leading national publication in the auto industry. Credited as being an outstanding businessman in the auto industry, Wayne’s motto, “training, education, teaching—it’s all really important to your success as a shop,” says it all. He has lived and worked by this philosophy throughout his career in the auto repair business for almost 20 years!

Through the years, Wayne has learned the art of running a business through trial and error and perseverance! With his enjoyment of auto repair, combined with his passion for people, he has become a mentor in his community. He teaches at his alma mater in Minneapolis, mentors fellow shop owners, and coaches his employees. Education and teaching have become a focal point for Watson’s daily life.

Wayne states in his own words, “My philosophy is that it’s my purpose to help people achieve their full potential.” When he’s not at work, he enjoys being at home with his wife and four children, taking an active role in their lives. The different people, challenges, and rewards of running a shop are what energize Wayne for his daily schedule.

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