The Best Time to Get a Tire Replacement

Today Wayne covers the key signs of when it’s time to get a tire replacement. Other maintenance tips to prepare for winter are listed below: Maintain ideal tire pressure.This helps you get better mileage and prevents uneven tread wear, so your tires last longer. When...

Winter Checklist Items for Tires

It’s that time of season! We’re getting ready for snowfall and that means getting our vehicles ready as well. When freezing temps arrived, you might have noticed the light for your tire pressure appearing on your dash. As the temps fluctuated, that light might have...

How to Tell You Need a Brake Replacement

Have you been hearing a squealing noise when hitting your brakes? Or even experiencing a slower brake time? It could be time for a brake pad replacement. Auto Works Automotive goes through all you need to know before calling a professional. What are brake pads?  Brake...

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