Windshield Wiper Winter Maintenance

If you live in the upper Midwest, you know windshield wipers are essential no matter the season. From intense summer rainstorms to sloppy winter weather, having good wipers is essential to your driving safety. Signs You Need to Replace Your Windshield Wipers Experts...

The Dangers of Warm Water De-Icing

One of the last things you want to do one a cold morning is to scrape the thick ice and snow off your car. While some de-icing hacks have good merit, using warm water to clear the ice is not one of them. The Downfalls of Warm Water De-Icing Warm water de-icing can...

When Winter Weather Attacks!

Ice, salt, and snow, oh my! Snowy Minnesota winters keep us on our toes. Regular driving on snow-covered roads requires extra attention to your driving and your tires. There isn’t a magic tire that can tackle every type of weather condition, but there are different...

Prepare Your Car for Minnesota Winter

Winter is here and it can be tough on your car. Taking proper steps to prepare for the colder weather is important to increase the lifespan of your vehicle. With proper winter care, you can save both time and money on repairs in the future. Be sure to follow this...

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