Tire Maintenance in Winter: Balancing, Rotating, and More

We’re rolling right along into the middle of winter, but are your tires rolling smoothly on the road? If your tires aren’t providing the necessary traction when driving on snowy and icy roads, that puts you and other drivers at risk of an accident. Taking care of your...

Safe Winter Driving: The Importance of Good Tires

Many Minnesotans have mixed feelings about winter—there are so many fun activities to do, but it’s also an extremely dangerous season for driving. Some winters are milder than others, and while we can hope for minimal snow this winter, there’s no telling what we’re in...

Why Choose Us? The Place Your Neighbors Trust

In Woodbury and the Twin Cities Metro area, there are various auto service centers to choose from when your vehicle needs repairs or maintenance. Whether it’s an oil change, a brake job, or transmission repair, Auto Works can get the job done. But, with so many...

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