Get Ready for Winter: Check Your Fluid Levels

It’s never fun to hop in your car on a cold January morning and realize it’s not going to start. General vehicle maintenance is important year-round, but it’s particularly important during the cold winter months. Winter car care doesn’t have to be complicated. It can...

The Importance of Tire Maintenance in Winter

When freezing temps arrived, you might have noticed the light for your tire pressure appearing on your dash. As the temps fluctuated, that light might have also switched between on and off. Due to that, some people choose to ignore it. However, checking on your tires...

Join The Club: Save Money With Our V.I.P. Card

Owning a car and keeping up with its maintenance (not even including the unplanned fixes) can take a strain on your budget. A lot of the time, people choose to prioritize other costs instead. By putting off their car maintenance, however, bigger and more costly...

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