Oxygen Sensors: What to Look for & When to Replace

Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor is responsible for measuring oxygen levels and monitoring emissions. These sensors can check the ratio of air and gasoline in the engine and ensure that it’s running at top performance. If your oxygen sensor isn’t functioning, it’s not...

How Routine Car Maintenance Saves You Money

While taking your car into an auto shop can sometimes feel like a hassle, you’re preventing costly problems in the future. For example, it’s better to spend a small amount on getting your tires balanced than dealing with a blowout later on! Here are a few tips to make...

Uneven Tire Wear: Know What to Look For

When you go in for your regular oil change, the mechanic may ask you if you’d like to get your tires rotated. It’s something you know you should do on occasion, but how often and why? Without getting tire rotations, the wear on your tires won’t develop evenly, and the...

Oil Changes: Why so important?

If you own a vehicle, oil changes are something you’re used to getting every few months. You know it’s important for your engine to run smoothly, but what does an oil change actually do? Engine Lubrication In an engine, there are many moving parts that work at a high...

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