How To Get Better Gas Mileage

Saving a few dollars each month is something most of us strive to do and improving your gas mileage is a great place to start. We hope you find the tips and tricks below helpful in your efforts. Helpful Tips Involving Maintenance: Most of our helpful tips involve...

Tire Tread: It’s Important in the Summer Too

Just like in the winter, your vehicle’s tire integrity is an important safety feature. Summer rainstorms and tires with low air pressure or tread make the risk of hydroplaning a real issue for drivers. Tires do the important job of shedding water away from the road...

Check List for Summer Road Trips

This summer is the year of road trips. Before going, road trippers will want to preform maintenance on their car. Here is a checklist of things you can do, as well as what your local auto shop can help with in preparation of the big adventure. DIY Suggestions...

Warm Air Coming from Your Car’s AC?

A vehicle’s air conditioning system becomes less effective over time, and one day, you are probably going to go turn the knob and warm air will blow out of your vents. Low refrigerant. If you notice you have warm air gushing from your vents, it could be caused by low...

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