While we’re not far into the fall season, it gets cold pretty quickly here in Minnesota, and freezing temps come around long before the official start to winter. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your car ready now so that you’re prepared once the temperatures drop. Here are a few fall vehicle maintenance tasks that you should get done this season: 

Check tire tread/get winter tires 

Many Minnesotans make the switch from all-season to winter tires in the fall, especially since we never know when the first snowfall will hit. Winter tires provide better traction than all-season ones and can keep you safer on the snowy roads. If winter tires aren’t in the budget this year, you should at least check your tire tread and consider new tires if they’re worn down.  

Check or replace the battery 

If your battery has been having trouble, you’ll want to test the charge at the very least. It’s likely you’ll need to replace it as it will only get worse from the cold. Even if your battery is newer, it’s still a good idea to test its charge and get any corrosion cleaned up to avoid problems later on. 

Check the windshield wipers 

You need to be able to rely on your wipers during those inevitable snowstorms, so check for any cracks and make sure they’re cleaning the windshield well. Wiper blades typically need to be replaced once a year, and they’re pretty inexpensive and easy to install. If the blades skip across the glass or leave streaks, you’ll definitely want to get them replaced. 

Test the heater/defroster 

Don’t wait until it’s below freezing to check if your heat and defroster are working. If the heat isn’t working or it’s taking way too long to defrost the windshield, you can get that taken care of before you really need it. We all know how cold Minnesota is, and it’s dangerous to not have a proper heating system. 

Get the brakes inspected 

There are going to be some slick roads throughout the cold months, and you need your brakes to be in excellent condition to keep you safe. Check how quickly your car can stop during the fall when there isn’t ice or snow on the road. If the stopping power isn’t that great, it’s going to be worse in the winter, putting you and other drivers in danger. 

The technicians at Auto Works are here to help with all your fall vehicle maintenance needs and get you ready for winter. Give us a call or make an appointment online today.