There’s a lot of maintenance and care that goes into taking care of a vehicle, and it can get overwhelming if you’re not sure when certain tasks should be done. While car manuals will have specifics about your car and what mileage points to get services done, here is a general guide:

Every 3,000—5,000 miles

You used to have to get an oil change every 3,000 miles, but newer vehicles don’t have to get this done as frequently. 5,000 miles has become a much more common interval—this is convenient when getting tires rotated and balanced, as that should be done every 5,000 miles. You should also top off any fluids that are getting low and check your tire pressure as well.

Every 15,000—30,000 miles

Cabin and engine air filters should be changed at least once a year, but it should be done sooner if you live in a dusty area. Dirty air filters reduce gas mileage, and with prices at such an extreme high, good fuel economy is important. These filters are inexpensive and easy to replace yourself.

40,000—50,000 miles

There are quite a few tasks to get done once you reach this threshold. These include changing the fuel filter, the car battery, brake pads, and brake rotors. Again, this is just a general guide, so your vehicle may need these services done before or after this mileage interval.

60,000—100,000 miles

Spark plugs, timing belts, hoses, transmission fluid changes, and shocks & struts all fall into this mileage range for maintenance. You’ll likely need new car tires toward the beginning of this mileage time frame, but you could need them earlier than that depending on how well they’ve been taken care of.

Beyond 100,000 miles, the necessary services can vary. There are also maintenance tasks such as wheel alignments that don’t abide by a set timeline—rather, that service is done on an as-needed basis, like if your car were to hit a pothole. It’s a good idea to schedule a thorough inspection of your vehicle once you hit 100,000 miles just to make sure everything is in good shape.

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