Now that we’re well into the summer season, it’s important to have working windshield wipers to stay safe on the road. It’s dangerous to not be able to see the road clearly when it’s raining, so you should make sure you’re taking care of your wiper blades. Here are some windshield wiper maintenance tips:

Replace the blades every six months.

Wiper blades, the part that clears your windshield, should be replaced twice a year. After about six months, they’ll have worn down to the point where they start skipping and squeaking across the glass. Replacing the blades is simple, and you can purchase them at any auto parts store.

In the winter, defrost and scrape first.

Although we won’t have this problem for quite a few months, make sure you defrost and scrape your windshield before turning on the wipers. If there’s ice stuck to them, they can snap. Never turn on the blades without scraping the ice off of them first.

Don’t use them on a dry windshield.

Using the wipers on a dry windshield can cause them to wear out quicker. If there’s something on the glass, use the wiper fluid. You should also make sure that you always have plenty of wiper fluid so you won’t have to use the blades on the dry glass.

Keep your windshield clean.

Wiper blades can also wear down quicker if the glass is dirty. When you fill up your tank at the gas station, it’s a good idea to also use the squeegee to clean the windshield.

Inspect your wipers.

In addition to wearing down over time, your wiper blades can also break. Missing chunks of rubber or tears in the blade can happen from poor maintenance or natural elements.

Whether we’re dealing with heavy summer rainstorms or icy winter conditions, your windshield wipers need to be in good shape. If you need any help replacing your wipers, give us a call or make an appointment online. We’ve been serving the Twin Cities area since 1993!