Living in Minnesota, we’re plenty familiar with the chaos and anxiety that winter driving can bring. The first snowfall always causes many accidents as drivers get used to the slippery roads again, and those collisions are even more likely if your tires aren’t equipped for the snow. All cars are susceptible to sliding off the road or getting in accidents, even those with four-wheel drive. So, how can you drive safely this winter? One solution is to purchase snow tires!

Depending on the amount of snow we’ve gotten, all-season tires can be enough to get by. But, like the snowstorms in 2019, all-season tires aren’t cut for significant amounts of snow. Snow tires have the following benefits:

  • The traction is significantly better. Snow tires have different tread designs than regular tires, and the tread is deeper. This reduces the buildup of snow and slush, which is important when having to make sudden stops.
  • The tread rubber is more flexible. When temps hit severe lows, the tread on all-season tires stiffens and doesn’t offer much traction. The rubber on snow tires is designed to be flexible and still has great traction even in extremely cold weather.
  • They reduce the chances of hydroplaning. While slowing down and avoiding standing water can help you avoid hydroplaning, great tire tread can also keep you from skidding.
  • They can prevent accidents. While you don’t have control over the traction of other vehicle’s tires, you’re not likely to be the cause of a crash. Snow tires can prevent you from being stuck on the side of the road or in a ditch. But, it’s important to still drive carefully in the snow.

So, when should you put snow tires on? It depends on the weather, really. It’s recommended to have them put on mid-November, but snow in October has happened before! It’s best to schedule an appointment now since we’re getting close to that time of the year. And, be sure to order or request four tires, as two winter tires and two all-season tires cause problems with mismatched treads.

If you’re looking to purchase snow tires, give Auto Works a call. We have plenty of options for you to choose from, and we’ll install them!