While taking your car into an auto shop can sometimes feel like a hassle, you’re preventing costly problems in the future. For example, it’s better to spend a small amount on getting your tires balanced than dealing with a blowout later on! Here are a few tips to make sure you’re keeping up with your car’s needs.


Oil Change

After getting an oil change, the mechanic will place a sticker on the inside of your windshield that lets you know when you should change it next. If you skip oil changes, your car’s engine will start to get overheated due to the lack of lubrication. Eventually, the engine will shut down and need to be replaced, which is much more expensive than getting that oil changed every couple of months.


Air Filter

It’s common to be asked by a mechanic if you’d like them to check your air filter while you’re in for an oil change. The air filter keeps debris from reaching the engine, therefore maximizing the engine’s performance. This saves you money on fuel too as a dirty air filter limits the air flowing into the engine, which causes it to work harder.


Tire Rotation & Balance

Getting your tires rotated and balanced will protect you from having to buy new tires too soon. This process will prevent uneven wear and will extend the tire life.



When you hear concerning sounds, it’s tempting to turn up the radio and ignore it. But, if you hear squealing noises when braking, you need new brake pads. Get them replaced soon; over time, the brake pads can get worn down and the rotors will grind against each other. Eventually, the entire system will breakdown.


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