With warm weather upon us, summer’s high temperatures can take a toll on everyone and everything—including your vehicle. Seasonal car care varies greatly, and it is important to recognize what your car needs in differing conditions. A summer tune-up is beneficial for not only recognizing any potential existing issues, but also providing peace of mind if your vehicle is operating properly.

When taking your car in for a summer tune-up, we recommend:

  • Battery check

At Auto Works, we can check your battery to determine if (or when) it will need to be replaced. You can embark on summer road trips rest assured that your battery is ready to go.

  • Fluid maintenance

Restoring all fluids to the recommended level is crucial for proper vehicle function. In summer months, antifreeze is especially important as it allows your car’s air conditioning system to function at its best.

  • Tire pressure

Before embarking on any summer road trips, be sure to check the manufacturer recommended tire pressure for when your car is loaded down. At Auto Works, we can ensure that your tires are filled to the proper pressure.

  • Condenser, compressor, and hose inspection

With increased air conditioner usage, these components are at risk of leaks or cracks. If your antifreeze is properly filled and you are still experiencing issues cooling your vehicle, one of these elements could be to blame.

At Woodbury’s Original Auto Works, we will get your vehicle ready to endure the hot temperatures that accompany the sunny summer weather. Give us a call today!