Even though you may be keeping up with your routine maintenance service, problems happen. When you start hearing knocking or rattles that aren’t normal, it is typically a sign that something is wrong and it is time to bring in your vehicle for repair.

Clunking, knocking or rattling noises are clues into car troubles no matter if your car is old or new. Some of these noises can be fixed with minor repairs, but not all the time. Here are a few reasons what your noisy car may be telling you.

Knocking Noise When Driving Over Bumps

A loose suspension is what typically causes the knocking noise when you go over bumpy roads. However, it is possible that the stabilizer links are worn, there is a loose control arm or that the struts or the shocks leaked out. These knocking noises are early signs that should be addressed sooner rather than later. When components of the suspension go out, you could lose control of your car.

Noises While Accelerating

If hearing a grinding noise when accelerating, it could be a problem with a worn wheel bearing or clutch disc. Even before the grinding, you could be hearing a whining noise and with service, could prevent the condition from getting worse.

Some other issues associated with acceleration noises could be clicking at high speeds. This noise could stem from manual or automatic transmission issues, brakes, suspension, work joints or steering. The main point is, if left alone long enough, it puts your safety at risk.

Flapping From the Hood

Flapping noises at higher speeds means there is something loose on your vehicle. It could be broken fasteners, loose wheel liners or something more serious such as a worn fan belt.

These may not be all the abnormal noises your car could make, but our ASE Certified Technicians know what to look for and can diagnose these noisy problems. Bring your noisy vehicle to “The Place Your Neighbors Trust.”  We will get you back to a silent ride in no time.