Winter is here and it can be tough on your car. Taking proper steps to prepare for the colder weather is important to increase the lifespan of your vehicle. With proper winter care, you can save both time and money on repairs in the future. Be sure to follow this checklist and be prepared.

Pay Attention to Engine Sounds

Stalling engines and idling problems are indicative of various problems. If you have dirty filters or broken parts, the cold weather will aggravate any pre-existing issues and make those problems much worse.

Monitor Oil Levels

Of course, it is important to change your oil regularly as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. However, during winter months people tend to take shorter trips. This means that a vehicle’s engine never really has the opportunity to warm up entirely and fuel doesn’t burn as efficiently. You might find yourself changing your oil more often than the manufacturer recommends, so keep an eye on your oil levels.

Maintain Proper Fuel Levels

Not keeping your fuel tank as full as possible could cause moisture build-up. When moisture forms in the fuel line in winter, it freezes and could cause cracking and expansion of your fuel line. When you keep your tank full, moisture cannot form, keeping your fuel lines problem free.

Check Your Wipers and Fluid

During Minnesota winters, we see snow, but can also have rain, sleet and ice. Old wiper blades that have dried and cracked in the summer heat will most likely be less effective. If they are old, replace them for a rubber-clad type of blade that helps get rid of ice buildup. It is also a good idea to keep a full tank of windshield washer fluid and an ice scraper in the car just in case.

Keep It Lit

It gets darker earlier in the winter which means more time is spent driving at night. Keep your lights in tiptop shape by cleaning out any lens buildup and by replacing any burned out bulbs.

A little preparation goes a long way. If you need help with checking these items of your list, call Auto Works to schedule your appointment today. The Place Your Neighbors Trust.