Knowing a trusted auto mechanic, you can call when you need one, is wonderful peace of mind. A 2016 AAA survey found two out of three consumers didn’t trust auto repair shops. Today, the search process to find a shop you can trust just got easier with a new partnership between CarMax and RepairPal. The union has compiled a network of trusted repair shops that are certified service centers. The benefits provided by this new partnership include:

Trusted Certification

Repair shops that are RepairPal certified are put through a screening process that reviews the shop’s quality, tools, pricing, training, and warranty. Having a trusted shop that offers a warranty on their work goes a long way in case something goes wrong with your repair.

Website for Easy Search

There are more than 1,600 shops nationwide that participate in the RepairPal program, with 28 of them located within the Twin Cities. RepairPal’s website provides things such as a list of services offered, verified customer reviews, and the ability to book an appointment through RepairPal.

MaxCare and CarMax Customer Perks

Those who have purchased a MaxCare extended service plan save $50 off the deductible when service is performed by a RepairPal certified shop. Additionally, CarMax customers are now able to take their vehicle repairs to any RepairPal certified shop instead of only being able to take it to a CarMax dealer for warranty work.

Fair Pricing Estimator

Getting an estimate on RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator provides consumers an accurate idea of what is involved before the vehicle is even brought in to a shop for an estimate. All certified shops honor the estimate range provided through the RepairPal Fair Price Estimator.

Whether you are a MaxCare policy holder or not, consumers now have a convenient and trustworthy way to navigate repair costs for their vehicles. Auto Works Automotive in Woodbury, MN is a RepairPal certified shop. Give us a call for more information or visit