This year has brought about a lot of change, but by keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance you can avoid unpleasant surprises and be prepared for the winter ahead. Our fall car care tips are noted below.

Engines. With colder weather, can bring out the worst in a vehicle. If you are already having engine performance issues such as hard starts, stalling, or dwindled power lower temperatures can make these problems worse. Make sure to have any pre-existing issues repaired at a local ASE certified repair shop.

Gas. Temperatures can dip below freezing even in the fall. A full gas tank is a happy gas tank that will prevent moisture from forming in your fuel tank. It can also be beneficial to put a bottle of fuel de-icer in your gas tank once a month. This will help keep the fuel lines from freezing and your car running.

Windshield Wipers. Harsh Minnesota weather causes ice buildup. Now is a great time to stock up on windshield washer fluid and keep an ice-scraper in your car. Replacing your windshield wipers with rubber-clad winter blades can help fight against icy windows and keep your view clear.

Battery. A weak battery can leave you stranded. The only way to verify if your battery is weak is to test it. If you don’t have the proper tool or know how, it’s best to bring your vehicle in for testing. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, a tip for at home battery maintenance includes checking the battery for visible corrosion on the posts or cable connections. If you see corrosion, scrape it away.

Tires. Worn down or deflated tires won’t do you much good in the winter. To check tire wear, take a penny and check to see if you see the top of Abe’s head or not. If you can see all of Abe’s head your tire tread is too worn, and you should schedule replace the tires before slippery winter roads hit. Additionally, with fluctuating temperatures, it is important to maintain proper tire pressure. Checking tire pressure monthly can keep your tires from irregular wear or a possible flat.

If you have any questions about fall car care, feel free to give “The Place Your Neighbors Trust” a call.