The air is cool, the hint up pumpkin spice is in the air, and the leaves have fallen. As pretty as the colorful leaves can be, they can create potential hazards for your car.

A New Home for Pests

Better check for rodents! When the weather is cold, but your engine is warm, rodents may decide your car is a great place for a new home. Using leaves to create a cozy nest, these little gems can nibble away at the insulation and wiring in your car. Be sure to check under the hood to remove any leaf buildup before pests decide to make a home.

Flapping Noises

If you hear a “flapping” noise coming from under the hood, it could be from leaves getting stuck in the blower or the HVAC system. It’s a good idea to keep the area near the windshield wipers and dash leaf free to keep air flowing.

Stuck in the Trunk

There are certain crevices and dips in your car that work as a drainage system for water. Leaves get stuck in these crevices around the hood, trunk, and near your windshield wipers. This can cause blockage of these micro drainage systems and that may lead to water inside your car. Continuously brushing leaves off your car will deter potential water damage.

A Slippery Drive

Not only can leaves cause problems with the function of your car, but they can also change how your tire grip the pavement. Wet leaves on the road can make the asphalt really slippery. If you see wet leaves stuck to the road, proceed with caution and increase your braking distance.

Keeping the leaves away from your vehicle is worth the extra effort and can avoid costly car fixes!