Saving a few dollars each month is something most of us strive to do and improving your gas mileage is a great place to start. We hope you find the tips and tricks below helpful in your efforts.

Helpful Tips Involving Maintenance:

Most of our helpful tips involve staying current with your regular maintenance plan. Just like you, your car needs some TLC on a regular basis to stay running in top condition. For gas mileage, top condition directly equates to using less gas and getting better mileage.

  • Change your fuel filter regularly – a clogged fuel filter will make your vehicle think it’s starving for gas when it’s not. When this happens, you use more fuel than what is necessary to run your vehicle
  • Check your tire pressure – low tire pressure creates more drag on your tires and causes you to use more energy to move
  • Get your oil changed at regular intervals
  • Change out old spark plugs

Helpful Tips Involving Driving Habits:

How you drive will also affect how your vehicle uses fuel. Some tricks you can do to use less fuel include:

  • Avoid rapid braking and acceleration
  • Use gravity, not gas, when going down hills

Things to Review When Buying a Vehicle

When purchasing a new or used car, look at the manufacturers rated average MPG. Based on 2016 models that take only gasoline, the average MPG of cars is 23, for trucks it is 19.5. These numbers hold true for some older models as well; most used car models from 2014 or newer will get similar MPG levels. Based on 2020 models, the average MPGs of cars is 31.5 and 22 for trucks.

Happy driving this summer! Remember Auto Works for your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. We are locally owned and operated in Woodbury, MN.