Just like in the winter, your vehicle’s tire integrity is an important safety feature. Summer rainstorms and tires with low air pressure or tread make the risk of hydroplaning a real issue for drivers. Tires do the important job of shedding water away from the road surface and allow the tires to grip it correctly so you don’t skid and slide across the road. If you lose traction (hydroplane), you lose steering, braking, and acceleration ability.

Proper Tire Inflation

One way to combat hydroplaning is by keeping tires properly inflated. Properly inflated tires put the correct amount of pressure down on the road making it harder for the water to get between the road and your car. Studies have also shown that as the tire’s PSI lowers, the speed at which hydroplaning could occur goes down as well.

Good Tire Tread

An adequate amount tread is a critical factor in your tire’s health. One easy way to check the health of your tread is the penny test. Simply insert a penny into your tire’s tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, your tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch and it’s time to replace your tires.

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