A vehicle’s air conditioning system becomes less effective over time, and one day, you are probably going to go turn the knob and warm air will blow out of your vents.

Low refrigerant. If you notice you have warm air gushing from your vents, it could be caused by low refrigerant in your vehicle. You could attempt to recharge the refrigerant yourself. However, beware that the do-it-yourself cans have a bad reputation for causing problems if it’s not done properly.

The condenser. Another possible cause could be the condenser. Vehicle condensers remove heat from the refrigerant and allow the refrigerant to cool down before it converts into a gas and moves through the rest of your air conditioning system. There could be some sort of blockage in the condenser’s tubes which would keep the cool air from passing through, or the condenser could be broken. A broken condenser may leak refrigerant and thus cause the A/C to blow warm air.

An electrical problem. Electricity is required to run the different components in your car. This includes the A/C system. An electrical problem that results in your A/C blowing warm air is not always simple to diagnose. This is a situation where it is best left to the pros to find and fix the problem.

The compressor. The compressor is what drives the refrigerant through the entire cooling system of tubes and hoses. Like many parts on a vehicle, if not used in some time, they may fail upon startup. To keep your compressor in good shape, we suggest running your A/C for a short period of time at least once a month. In the winter, using defrost will engage the A/C system.

The above suggestions are only a few of things that could cause your car to blow warm vs cool air. It is ideal to schedule service with your local auto repair shop to properly diagnose the problem. At Auto Works, our ASE certified technicians and AAA approved service is ready to keep you driving in comfort all summer long.