Have you been hearing a squealing noise when hitting your brakes? Or even experiencing a slower brake time?

It could be time for a brake pad replacement. Auto Works Automotive goes through all you need to know before calling a professional.

What are brake pads?

 Brake pads are a fundamental part to your vehicle and brake system. They are the cushion between the brake shoe and brake drum. With a worn-out brake pad, it can cause your rotors, disc, and calipers to wear away.

How long do brake pads last?

On average, every 30,000 – 35,000 miles. This also depends on how much a driver is driving, and how what environment they’re driving through and how often they are braking. (i.e.: rural areas, urban/ city, suburbs).

 What happens when brake pads are worn out?

When you hit the brakes every time you drive, it wears away your brake pad. The friction causes the protective coating to wear away – causing for a thinner pad. They’ll eventually reach a certain point where it needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs we’ve listed in depth.

  1. Squealing / Screeching

The first signs can be very obvious by the noise you hear every time you break. The caveat can be when your brakes were recently exposed to rain or wet conditions. This sound can disappear after a few days, and therefore can be an indicator that a brake pad replacement is not necessary for your vehicle.

  1. Grinding Noises

Low noises that sound like metal grinding is a huge indication for a brake pad replacement. The metal on metal contact can create major damage to your brake system if it isn’t replaced.

  1. Visual inspection

By looking through your tire spokes, you’re able to see the brake pad compressed on your brake rotor. If the pad looks as if it’s less than ¼ an inch, it’s time for your brake pads to be replaced.

  1. Dash lights

In some vehicles, dash lights indicate when brake pads need to be replaced. If. you’re unsure, check your owner’s manual.

Being aware (driving with music turned off and windows rolled up), and paying attention to the way your vehicle drives itself will help you decide if a brake replacement is necessary before going into the shop.

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