Imagine yourself driving on a snowy Minnesota winter day on your way to work and all of a sudden you here a loud “clunk”. You’re now at a halt on the side of the road with awful road conditions in the freezing cold.

Prevent an awful scenario like the one above and be prepared this winter by getting a head start on your vehicle maintenance.

Not sure where to begin? You’re in luck!

Auto Works Automotive has created a checklist guide for your vehicle maintenance visit. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks this winter – Ask to get your car prepared with the following items below:

  1. Oil change

Although oil changes are necessary year-round- it’s important to make this a vehicle priority. If your vehicle is without an oil change, it can cause major damage in your engine and wallet.

  1. Tire maintenance

Your car should be checked up for tire pressure, tire tread, and/ or completely switched out for snow tires. Depending on how often and how far you’re driving, there are plenty of options to choose from that will best fit your needs. Give Auto Works Automotive a call if you need assistance in finding the right snow tires for your vehicle.

  1. Battery Life

Getting your vehicle battery life will be essential this winter season. The cold can be an additional stressor to the battery as it doesn’t have the same power as it does in the warmer seasons.

You can also help extend the longevity by purchasing battery terminal protectors. This spray will help to sustain the battery life by preventing corrosion.

  1. Emergency Kit

With the harsher cold season upon us, it is crucial to have an emergency kit that will help you in any scenario. Keeping a blanket, flashlight, ice scraper, anti-freeze, a mini shovel, jumper cables, first aid kit, tow straps, and even long-lasting food such as granola bars, protein bars, etc.

Take all precautions this winter season when driving – especially when it comes to maintaining your vehicle maintenance.

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