Your transmission is an essential and key part to your vehicle’s life. If you’re experiencing the following complications, it’s a great indication to get your car inspected.

  1. Your Car Doesn’t Respond When in Gear

If you find that there’s a delay in response when you shift gears – this could be a potential transmission issue. Sometimes resetting the car’s computer can solve the problem. Have a professional mechanic reset the battery life and take a closer look at the potential problem at hand.

  1. It Smells Like Something’s Burning

A burning smell can indicate immediately that it is related to a transmission issue. It can stem from a low fluid level (either from leaks or the wrong type of fluid added to your vehicle).

  1. Your Car is Making Noises

Hearing any sort of humming or clunking noises can indicate it’s coming from the transmission itself. Some noises indicate the fluid is breaking down. The problems can be minor, but it can also be extensive if not properly addressed by a professional.

Don’t risk overlooking smaller issues. They can easily snowball into larger and more costly problems.

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