What is it that you can prepare before your next road trip? There are somethings that you may rely on for your local automotive repair shop to take care of – but how can you be prepared when your car is out of the shop?

In our last blog we covered the checklist of items your vehicle should be inspected for, and this week we are going to cover five areas you can prepare for on your own.

  1. Pack your snacks

You guessed that right! Preparing for snacks probably wasn’t your first guess. When it comes to road trips, packing snacks or pre-making sandwiches for the whole family is always a great idea. Some areas you’re traveling through might not always have the most convenient places to stop for food either. Planning your snacks/ meals can also save you money on the road trip. If you can predetermine your costs prior to leaving, it can save you a lot and keep you on track.

  1. Plan your driving schedule ahead of time

If you’re planning on sharing the driving time with others, divvy up the drive by a certain number of hours, by destination, or location, etc. This can help ease some of the stress on one person and result to safer driving and so they aren’t completely exhausted on the road. With that being said, planning stops can also be very beneficial to your travel. Having a thought-out plan on where you’ll go can give some peace along the way! Most importantly you can plan accordingly to miss out on heavy traffic times.

  1. Drive your vehicle with the proper paperwork

It can be super exciting planning for a trip and getting geared up. It can also be very upsetting if you come to find yourself being pulled over without the correct documentation. Make sure your vehicle has its tabs up-to-date, your most recent insurance cards are in the glove box, and of course your driver’s license is valid and no-where near expiration!

  1. Have an entertainment plan

In the world of modern technology, it’s easy for everyone to set out and be on their phones. Have some activities you can include everyone in on the car ride. It can be anything from a good karaoke playlist, to trivia, “would you rather”, or any other question and answer games. The goal of road trips is to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t let poor planning be the root for a disaster!

  1. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road!

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t cover the basics. We’ve provided a checklist of items to make sure these items are taken care of before you hit the road this summer. They are crucial to a successful and less stressful summer road trip.

  1. Seat belts and arrangements (have the proper car seats that fit for your child)
  2. Oil changes
  3. All car lights
  4. Wiper blades
  5. Car battery checks
  6. Tire checks (keeping a spare)
  7. Belts/ hoses
  8. Air conditioning/ air filters
  9. Proper floor mats (size and proper installation)
  10. Spare gas gallon
  11. Emergency roadside assistance kit

So before you head off this summer, make sure you have these five areas covered. Your road trip memories are guaranteed for success!

That’s all for now!

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