Imagine not having any control over your vehicle when driving. It can be a scary feeling and overall experience. Your loss of control can come from different variables, one of them being the lack of tread on your tires. Auto Works Automotive wants to discuss the things you should know when you’re driving your vehicle around this summer, especially during a storm.

The Automobile Association of America (AAA) has recently done a study that shows driving on wet roads with tires maintaining 4/32-inch tread depth are reaching the deadline for new tires. Although it might be considered “weather safe”, the tires are pushing their limits. Car tires lose grip even before they’re worn out, but to really understand when you need new tires, you can utilize the penny test.

Put Lincolns head upside down facing you and place it into a major tire groove. If his head is completely visible, that means your tires are worn out and need replacement. (Also be sure to check out the video about to watch Wayne demonstrate how he uses a tire tread-depth tool)

The danger of not replacing your tires can come at a significant cost. About 9% of vehicle accidents in the U.S are tire-related. With our Minnesota storms, your car can easily hydroplane on highways and backroads causing major damages to you and your vehicle, including others around you. When you hydroplane, your tires are losing contact with the road. The best solution when hydroplaning is to let off the gas and steer in the direction you want to go in carefully.

There are plenty of reasons why you should want outstanding tread performance, but this is a big reason to avoid costly and unnecessary damages. Get your tires checked before the heavy rainfall this season.

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