Planning ahead

If you’re planning on taking a family road trip to the cabin or across the country this summer, planning for a tune up should be the first thing on your list. Today we’ll cover the basics of what your summer tune up should look like, along with some fun recommended apps to download and other road trip necessities!

If your vehicle is fairly new and runs well, adding fluids and other maintenance items will be complimentary to the ride- but a full tune up most likely won’t be necessary.

If your car is a bit older, you will want to make sure to bring your car in for a tune up and other maintenance checks before heading off and having fun!


The best time to get a tune up would be three weeks prior to leaving. This gives you time to drive the vehicle and test out if there are any other problems that may occur.

Your important checklist items include things such as:

1. Seat belts and arrangements (have the proper car seats that fit for your child)
2. Oil changes
3. All car lights
4. Wiper blades
5. Car battery checks
6. Tire checks (keeping a spare)
7. Belts/ hoses
8. Air conditioning/ air filters
9. Proper floor mats (size and proper installation)
10. Spare gas gallon
11. Emergency roadside assistance kit

Having fun is essential to road trips, but so is taking precaution in preparation!

Other Road Trip Tips:

• Signup for a discount gas card to use (Speedway cards, Holiday Rewards, etc.)
• You can also save money by stopping at gas stations two miles off the highway compared to gas stations right off the exit
• Buy a GPS and keep a physical map in the car (you can never be too prepared if your phone loses service!)

Road Trip Apps to download

1. Foodspotting – This is a free app that gives you access to the best places to go with the best meals to eat no matter where you are! Avoid the hassle of finding a place in an unfamiliar location and instead head straight to the best meals in town.
2. GasBuddy – This nifty app shows you the competitive prices when winding between gas stations in the area. You could save up to $1 per gallon by how much prices fluctuate.
3. Spotify or Apple Music – Having great tunes is ultimately what makes a road trip. Old or new songs, these apps will have it all.

Road trips are fun and will be a memory that can last a lifetime. Auto Works Automotive wants to make sure you’re planning accordingly and safely this summer. If you’re unsure about your vehicle maintenance, you can bring it in for an inspection and get a quote first.

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