Summer is right around the corner and that means more road trips up to the lake! With those long car rides, it is crucial to have an effective automotive AC system in place.

So, you might be asking, “How can I can tell my AC might need a new replacement?”

Here are three signs that should be considered before taking a road trip this summer:

  1. When your AC is blowing inconsistently cold to warm air –

There is a good chance your air conditioning compressor is going out if you feel cold to warm air blowing. This happens after your vehicle starts to lose refrigerant charge which in return causes strain on the compressor, so the leaks can cause it to fail completely.

Fun fact: AC compressor failure is not just a summer time issue- Your system can still overheat in the winter months as well.  

  1. Loud noises –

An AC compressor has multiple interior units that are used to operate and function properly. If something breaks internally, it can cause the system to not only create more noise but also damage the compressor itself. The best solution would be to replace the compressor entirely instead of only repairing the broken-down components.

  1. Physical damage to the compressor or belts-

Any rust, paint damage, leaks, or physical damage can cause your AC compressor to break down and fail. Not only will the compressor need to be replaced at this point, but cracked and damaged belts will also need to be changed.

If these warning signs sound familiar to you, stop in for visit at our trusted repair shop. The likelihood of your family road trips being fun without any AC this summer is slim to none. Give Auto Works a call today to schedule your appointment!

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