There are a few common misconceptions when it comes to your windshield wipers- That’s why we want to help by giving a few quick hacks and tips on how to keep them in good-standing condition and knowing when it’s time to get them replaced.

  1. Checking your wipers periodically – Check your wipers by running your fingers on the rubber blades to look for chips or a rigid edge. The recommended timeframe to replace your wipers is every 6-12 months, sometimes less than that depending on how often you use them.
  2. Replacing your wipers – First off, you should know that not all windshield wipers are the same size for every vehicle. It is also common to have to purchase two separate windshield wiper sizes for your own car. Be sure to measure them before buying or have an auto shop salesman help you determine beforehand. Buying seasonal wipers can also give you more advantage when it comes to keeping your windshield spotless (especially during our snowy seasons).
  3. Softening your windshield wipers – If the rubber blade seems to be a bit dry (skipping or missing spots on windshield) apply petroleum jelly to the entire length and let it stand for 10 minutes in order to dry (avoid wiping off right away).
  4. Clean your windshield while pumping gas – Using the squeegee’s provided next to gas pumps, clean off your windshield while waiting. This will help with the lifeline of your wipers by not always having to use them.
  5. Check for bent frames – After this year’s snow season (crossing our fingers it’s done) you’ll want to check your wiper frames. After all the ice on the windshield and hacking at it, the potential for damages is higher compared to our spring and summer seasons.

We hope some of these hacks/ tips can help you if you’re having these common issues with your windshield wipers. If you’re still unsure, give us a call or stop on in to get one of our technicians to help.