Figuring out what’s wrong with your car can be confusing if you don’t have auto repair experience, but luckily your vehicle gives you a hint through the dashboard! Diagnosing the true problem takes special equipment like what we have for diagnostics, but warning lights are a great indicator to when you should seek professional help. It’s never wise to ignore those lights on your dash, but some require more urgency than others. Most vehicle models follow this basic color code:

Red warning light: urgent issue that could warns of a potentially serious problem that could affect your safety; should be attended to immediately by a professional.

Yellow or orange light: usually a signal for servicing or repair.

Green or blue light: lets you know that system is active and working.

We want you to stay safe on the roads, so you should always watch for these lights especially:

  • Engine temperature
  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Oil pressure

If any of those warning appear on your dash and are red, you should pull over and immediately seek out an auto repair center. Call us if you see a red light on your dash, and we’ll do our best to get you in right away at our Woodbury location. We also take service appointments for those less urgent orange or yellow lights.