It’s still a heavily debated topic: should you or shouldn’t you heat up your car in the winter? Thanks to modern technology and improved oil, engines in newer cars can handle the cold a little better these days. However, it’s also a fact that the cold increases engine/transmission friction. No matter what, that friction will place more wear and tear on your car, which will take its toll over time.

Essentially, the temperature affects how well the oil in your car lubricates the engine. If you don’t give your car enough time to warm up, then the gears will grind together and cause damage. If you’re driving in weather above freezing, the car may heat up quick enough that the wear isn’t too drastic. However, our Minnesota winter’s rarely give us a day where the temperatures are above freezing, especially in January. For us, warming up your car is essential.

In short, you should at least give your car at least a few minutes to warm before taking off on your journey.  If you have an older car and aren’t sure what’s the ideal way to warm it up, then come visit us in Woodbury for a tune-up where we can make sure your car is ready for winter.