When freezing temps arrived, you might have noticed the light for your tire pressure appearing on your dash. As the temps fluctuated, that light might have also switched between on and off. Due to that, some people choose to ignore it. However, checking on your tires is a huge part of regular vehicle maintenance. Be sure to do these two essential tasks:

  1. Maintain ideal tire pressure. This helps you get better mileage and prevents uneven tread wear so your tires last longer. When temps drop by 10 degrees, they change the pressure in your tires by 1psi. Consider the temps of this summer compared to now – it’s definitely dropped by more than 50 degrees. A loss of 5 psi usually tips off your tire pressure light.
  2. Check your tire tread. Do the penny test by inserting one into your tire tread with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, then it’s time for new tires. If there’s more noticeable wear in the middle, that means they’re too inflated. More wear on the sides means they need more air. Ultimately, low tire tread will affect your traction on slippery roads, so this is an especially important check-up.

If you’re still not getting the kind of traction you want this winter, consider switching out your regular tires for special winter ones. Even a tire rotation could help improve your traction. Schedule an appointment at our location in Woodbury to make sure your tires have been maintained properly!