Owning a car and keeping up with its maintenance (not even including the unplanned fixes) can take a strain on your budget. A lot of the time, people choose to prioritize other costs instead. By putting off their car maintenance, however, bigger and more costly problems end up happening to the vehicle over time. To encourage a more regular maintenance schedule while saving our customer’s some money, we created our V.I.P Card, which saves you $240 off services. The card includes:

  • Four free lube, oil, and filter changes
  • Two free tire rotations
  • 20% off any service (maximum savings $20)
  • 10% off any service (maximum savings $20)
  • $20 off transmission flush
  • $10 off coolant flush
  • $20 off set of 4 tires

We offer the cards all year for $69.95, so stop by to join our V.I.P club and save yourself some money in the long run!