As some of you may remember, I did a post not long ago about my sister in-law’s VW Routan and her pink headlight. Well, the time finally came when she asked me to replace them…and nearly kill me in the process, though that’s a whole other story.

Her van is very similar to the one pictured at the top of the page, but hers is an SEL with the HID (High Intensity Discharge) projector style headlights. In these pictures, the left picture is the projector style HID, and the right picture is the standard halogen capsule.

Built on the Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country platform, the Routan ran from MY (Model Year) 2009-2014, but the ’13 and ’14 models were primary reserved for rental agencies.

VW in their infinite wisdom (along with many other manufacturers) decided to make it very hard to for the average consumer to work on their own vehicles, even something as seemingly simple as a headlight bulb replacement.

This write up is going to show, in detail, how to replace the headlight bulbs on your Routan. Even if you have standard capsule halogen bulbs, the process here will be similar.

These pictures were taken by my wife, and you’d think she were cold or something. I just noticed how terrible the pictures turned out, but hopefully you get the idea. This process is changing the passenger side. The other side is done the same way.

Start by turning the wheel to the opposite direction that you’re working on. Remove the top screw of the bumper cover.

There’s another screw for the bumper cover, remove it as well.

I can’t remember what size this bolt is, but I feel like it was either an 8mm or 10mm. Grab your socket rail and find out. 🙂

Here’s that same bolt from inside the wheel well. This connects the top of the bumper cover to the fender.

Remove the push pin in the top of the bumper cover (hood must be up) by grabbing the center of it and pulling up, then the base of it will come out.

Pull the bumper cover back with one hand, and with the other remove the bolt that this ratchet/socket is sitting on. (Note: If you do it right, you can wedge the fender liner into the bumper cover to keep it held back and out of the way). This is one of the three you’ll have to remove (I only got pictures of two apparently). The first is the top back corner of the assembly (the windshield side).

There is another one of the bolts you’ll have to remove.

Another angle of that same bolt. Now that all 3 bolts are out you should be able to wiggle the assembly out. There will be a rubber boot in the back of the housing. Remove it, and you’ll see this.

Now you can remove the electrical clip at the bottom of the bulb/ballast (the square thing). There are two tiny torx bit screws (the star type head) on either side of the ballast that you’ll have to remove. Here’s a horrible picture of me doing that:

Now you can remove the bulb/ballast and reverse the process to put it all back together.