“Really? Another cabin air filter post?”

Yes. There’s a good reason for it, too.

…and there’s more where that came from (behind the glove box) :

Now, what’s the point of all this? The customer was in for an oil change, but didn’t have any other complaints at the initial write-up.

Like we do with most vehicles equipped with them, we pulled the cabin air filter just to see what it was looking like. We presented these findings to the customer who then said that the air hadn’t been coming out of the vents very strong.


A rodent of some sort decided that this was a nice, cozy place to “set up shop,” which is more commonly the case with engine bays as they provide shelter and warmth.

It’s a good idea to regularly check your engine’s air filter and your cabin (I’m not referring to your lake home) air filter for intrusions. This will ensure that the air you and your engine breathe is clean and pollen-free!